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Inside Edition 22 Nov 2020

Inside Shanna Moakler's Pandemic Plastic Surgery Makeover


Former Miss USA and "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Shannan Moakler is ready to undergo a plastic surgery makeover in the midst of a pandemic, and Inside Edition went along for the ride to see what it's like to go under the knife while we live under masks. Shanna got an ora lift for her face, and a lip lift to give her a fuller smile. She headed to plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei's office in Beverly Hills and went through a series of COVID-19 precautions before they began.

Modern reconstructive surgery owes a huge debt to a group of wounded warriors in World War II who called themselves the Guinea Pig Club. The group was comprised of over 600 Royal Air Force members who required facial reconstruction, using experimental techniques. Historian Dr. Emily Mayhew told Inside Edition Digital, "The Guinea Pig Club is one of the most fascinating veteran's organizations, I think anywhere in the world, in modern military history."
Baby Sloan was born with a non-cancerous tumor that was affecting her nerves and facial muscles. Her parents sought the help of a vascular surgeon to treat their little girl. In a series of procedures, Dr. Milton Waner removed the tumor. Dr. Waner also treated a little boy named Murphy who was born with a venous malformation on his lip. The procedure to remove the formation took two hours, and at the end of it, the doctor was able to report to Murphy's parents, "Everything went perfect."
"He doesn't want to have people look at that surgery on the eyes."

At is rally in Newton, Pennsylvania, President Trump implied that Joe Biden had plastic surgery on his face, telling the crowd "he should get a little bit of a larger frame," referring to the aviator sunglasses Biden wears.
Teachers are among the nation's most essential workers, and helping kids learn in the middle of a pandemic can be stressful. So Inside Edition decided to pamper a group of teachers with well-deserved back-to-school makeovers. The makeup and hair stylists sanitized their hands and wore face shields. And after a lot of primping and preening, the teachers showed off their transformations to their students at James Ferris High School in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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