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The Guardian 6 May 2020

Inside intensive care: how debt-hit Greece beat coronavirus


Despite a decade old financial crisis that decimated its hospitals, Greece appears to have handled the coronavirus pandemic well, with a far lower death toll than many other European nations. Dr. Yota Lourida, head of the Covid clinic at Sotiria Hospital in Athens, explains how her intensive care department dealt with the crisis, and the steps taken by the country to mitigate against potentially catastrophic outcomes

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of the intensive care unit after receiving treatment for coronavirus. Aired on 4/9/2020.
South Korea has been widely praised for its response against covid-19.

They've seen 10,000 cases and 214 deaths - still very sad but nothing on the scale seen here or in many other countries. So what's the secret to their relative success?

Sophy Ridge talks to South Korea's ambassador to the UK Enna Park.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care, where he's being treated for COVID-19
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab - who is deputising for the prime minister - said Mr Johnson is in "stable condition" and breathing without a ventilator.
His hospitalisation is raising concerns about how the government is being run as Britain sees a sharp rise in COVID-19 fatalities and infections -- with a new study suggesting it could be the worst-hit country in Europe -- with up to 66 thousand deaths.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson's COVID-19 symptoms have taken a turn for the worse as he is now in intensive care at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

Beth Rigby looks at how the story unfolded.

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