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BBC News 14 Jan 2020

Inside a US air base attacked by Iranian missiles


US air base Al Asad in Iraq was targeted by Iran in response to the death of Qasem Soleimani, the top Iranian military commander, who was killed in a US air strike.

BBC Persian correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard was allowed inside the high security base to see the damage and speak to soldiers who survived the attack.

NBC News' Richard Engel gives an inside look at what's left of the Ain al-Asad air bases in Iraq after it was targeted in an Iranian missile strike. Aired on 1/13/20.
CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon is the first western journalist granted access to Al-Asad air base in Baghdad following a rocket attack by Iran.
As tensions escalate between the US and Turkey, Ankara threatens to revoke access to a vital US Air Base if Washington follows through with threats of sanctions. RT America's Rachel Blevins has the story.

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U.S. Sources tell NBC News that spy satellite evidence suggests the Ukrainian plane that crashed in Iran was shot down by Iranian missiles, likely accidentally. All 176 souls on board died in the crash. Aired on 1/9/20.

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