Forbes 15 Apr 2020

Influencer Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak


Lindsay Silberman, influencer and blogger, speaks with Abram Brown, Forbes Senior Editor, about the changing social media landscape and the future of managing an online personal brand amidst a pandemic.

Sky News' Ed Conway outlines how one in ten of people living in care homes in the UK have died during the coronavirus outbreak.
Many celebrities, from Lizzo to Selena Gomez, are following health experts' advice to stay inside and have shared how they are spending their time during the coronavirus outbreak.
Sanitation workers in Washington, D.C., keep the city running by emptying trash and recycle bins, but are now exposed to the coronavirus every day they go to work.
Rahma Ghazali's family of 14 is doing its best to celebrate the month of Ramadan during the coronavirus outbreak that has affected religious celebrations world-wide.

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