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DW News 25 Mar 2020

India imposes world's biggest Coronavirus lockdown


India has become the latest and largest country to introduce a nationwide lockdown in the fight against the coronavirus. Its population of 1,3 billion has been told to stay at home. The country has so far seen about 560 confirmed cases and 11 deaths and there are fears that infections could spread quickly in the densely-populated urban areas of the country.
Crowds formed at pharmacies and shops shortly before the midnight deadline. Non-essential businesses have been closed, most flights and rail services have been stopped, and the busy Bollywood film industry has ground to a halt. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said without the 21-day lockdown, the country could be set back by 21 years.

The world's biggest lockdown is having a significant impact on millions of migrant workers in India.
Unable to work and faced with the government shutdown of all buses and trains, many have resorted to walking hundreds of kilometres to return to their home states.

Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi, India.
Mobile World Congress has been canceled, and the world's biggest tech brands are facing big delays in production, thanks to the new, deadly virus.
Wuhan volunteer groups offer humanitarian assistance to workers affected by the coronavirus lockdown. CNN's David Culver has more.
A drone hovering above highways in Italy's Lombardy region captures the eerie emptiness amid the country's coronavirus lockdown.

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