MSNBC 7 Jul 2020

'In Crisis:' Arizona Continues To See Record Spike In COVID-19 Cases And Deaths


NBC News Correspondent Steve Patterson brings the latest from Arizona where a record surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths is being traced back to the lapse in the state's stay-at-home order in May. Aired on 7/07/2020.

Arizona is among the states experiencing a record spike in coronavirus cases as the U.S. struggles to contain the pandemic. Tucson Weekly executive editor Jim Nintzel joined CBSN to discuss what the state is doing to ramp up testing as hospitals near capacity.
Despite a new daily record of COVID-19 cases, people in Mexico City were trying to go back to normal life.
People are getting their temperature checked before entering malls.
And using hand sanitizer when entering a store.
Shoppers wear face masks while browsing clothing racks and sitting at restaurants in a mall.
The Trump administration said it would no longer require international students to attend in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic in order to remain in the country.

The policy reversal came after at least twenty states opposed the decision and universities led by Harvard and MIT challenged it in court. But the wider debate reopening schools still continues to divide much of the population.

In light of recent surges in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles, the nation's largest school district announced it would stick to online learning. While many other counties and individuals schools will be opening schools as usual.

CGTN's Ediz Tiyansan reports.
In Arizona, COVID-19 is ravaging the state. As 3,592 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, President Trump celebrated what he called "a great day in Arizona" following his rally at a megachurch in Phoenix. But the coronavirus is still spreading at a deadly pace across the sun belt. The tell-all book by the president's niece, Mary Trump may be in jeopardy as her other uncle, Robert Trump, filed a restraining order to block its publication.

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