The Hill

The Hill 16 Mar 2020

Illinois Dem party official pressed on why elections continue amid pandemic


Executive Director of the Illinois Democratic Party Mary Morrissey explains why Illinois decided not to reschedule their primary during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the CDC's recommendation to stay home.

CNN's Chris Cuomo chastises the Iowa Democratic Party for the unexpected delay in results from the Iowa caucuses, highlighting the amount of resources 2020 Democratic presidential campaigns expended on their campaigns in the state.
The Iowa caucus demonstrated the disorganization of the Democrat Party leading up to this year's presidential election. One America's Emily Finn explains why Democrats are now placing greater emphasis on the results from New Hampshire's primary.
Iowa caucus results are delayed while the state Democratic Party does "quality control," officials said. CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto explains what that means and how long it might take for results to come in.
DNC Chair Tom Perez called on the Iowa Democratic Party to recanvass the results of the Iowa Caucus. Chuck Todd says, "If you thought the situation for Democrats out of Iowa couldn't get any more chaotic, you'd be wrong."

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