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ABC News 14 Nov 2020

If Something Happens To Me... l 20/20 l PART 3


Police question Josh Powell, his son as suspicions of his involvement grow
Susan Powell's friend Kiirsi Hellewell says she "never believed" Josh's story. Charlie Powell tells police his mom went camping with them but didn't come back. Josh tells police the child is lying.

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Susan and Josh Powell go missing, sparking years-long fight for justice
The Powell family included two children, Charlie and Braden. After not hearing from them one day in December 2009, their concerned family calls the police, who find strange evidence in their home.

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Josh Powell's sister, police try getting him to talk as family tensions rise
Josh's sister tries getting him to confess he was involved in Susan Powell's disappearance by wearing a wire. Susan's parents confront Josh's father in front of the news media.

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As search for Susan Powell intensifies, friends say she had troubled marriage
Susan Powell's friend says she once met with a divorce lawyer. Detectives find her will in which she left an ominous message. Josh Powell closes their bank accounts and leaves Utah with his kids.

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With wife still missing, Josh Powell returns, says he went camping with kids
Josh Powell's sister finds Susan Powell's purse at her home. Detectives question Josh and search his van, where they find Susan's phone. Their son says Susan was camping with them.

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