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The Guardian 3 Sep 2019

"If all men got pregnant, it'd be taken more seriously" - behind the scenes of Seahorse


New documentary Seahorse tells the story of Freddy McConnell, whose desire to start his own family was filmed from start to finish, including birth. In this exclusive video for the Guardian, Freddy and director Jeanie Finlay discuss the collaborative process behind the scenes of the film, and the complex nuances and challenges of portraying an emotional and unpredictable process.

The curve appears to be flattening, suggesting that eventually the rate of deaths will also slow.
Los Angeles campuses will be closed not only for the remainder of the academic year, but throughout the summer as well, the district announced Monday. "The remainder of the school year ... will be completed in the current, remote fashion and we will have a summer session in a similar manner," said L.A. schools Supt. Austin Beutner.
The Last Dance Director Jason Hehir recaps episodes 1 and 2 and details what it's like working with Michael Jordan.

Washington Wizards guard John Wall joins Rachel Nichols to talk about the possibility of playing in the 2019-20 NBA season after recovering from a long-term injury, his conversation and relationship with teammate Bradley Beal, if he'd ever consider coaching basketball, his thoughts on the death of Karl-Anthony Towns' mother, and his thanks to all essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.
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