Forbes 8 Apr 2020

ICU Doctor On How Hospitals Are Handling COVID-19


Forbes' Senior Editor of Healthcare and Science Alex Knapp interviews Dr. Sumit Mukherjeee, Medical Director, ICU, Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital on how hospitals are preparing and innovating to treat COVID-19 patients.

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Patients at Croydon University Hospital speak to Sky's special correspondent Alex Crawford about how they're coping with COVID-19.
Cris Collinsworth and Dale Jr. join Mike Tirico to discuss Collinsworth's famous slide on Sunday Night Football, how they're both dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the success of iRacing.
How to safely transport COVID-19 samples for testing. This small business in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with early-stage research and development funding from the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program, has developed durable thermal insulation materials with precise temperature control to keep specimens safe for transport. Initially created for donor, transfusion, and biologics delivery, servicing pharmaceutical companies, blood centers, and hospitals across the country, MaxQ, and their smart packages are now on the COVID-19 front lines. Their reusable, smart packages are self-sensing, and self-learning as they continually monitor the temperature inside the box, ensuring that blood, plasma, and swab samples stay viable for testing. The system can warn the courier and lab when a sample inside the package is about to expire and is equipped with GPS tracking. Smart Packages can be transported by ambulance, helicopter, and even drone. Helping in the fight against COVID-19, small companies can make a big impact.
Officials in Venezuela say robust testing along with tough lockdown measures have kept its COVID-19 cases to just 300 - one of the world's lowest infection rates.
But doctors are questioning the accuracy of those tests, saying Venezuela's healthcare systems will fail should the outbreak spread.
Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports.

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