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Newsmax TV 8 Oct 2020

I think we should impeach Pelosi


Congressman Doug Collins gives his thoughts on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi amid her comments about the presidency, speculation that prominent lawmakers seek to invoke the 25th Amendment in regard to President Trump's health situation, and more. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expresses optimism on COVID relief talks, telling Andrea Mitchell "I think we have a prospect for an agreement" despite opposition from Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans. She also reacts to new reporting from the New York Times that the Trump's company maintained a bank account in China, continuing to express her view that the president's outstanding debt presents a "national security" issue. Aired on 10/21/2020.
Dr. Amesh Adalja joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the fall surge of coronavirus cases in the U.S. "I don't think we ever got over the first wave," Dr. Adalja says. "We're seeing acceleration as this virus exhibits seasonality as other coronaviruses do as it gets colder. We have to prepare, because we can't have hospitals get into trouble again."‌ Aired on 10/15/2020.
CNN's Erin Burnett rolls the tape of President Trump casting doubt on the fairness of the 2020 election should Joe Biden end up winning the presidency, and says that while some lawmakers say Trump isn't serious, some of the president's supporters seem to think he is.
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Brian Windhorst joins KJZ to react to the Los Angeles Lakers winning Game 2 against Houston and explains why Russell Westbrook needs to attack the basket instead of taking 3s in order for the Rockets' small-ball lineup to be successful.

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