Euronews 21 May 2020

Hydroxycloroquine trial: Anti-malarial drugs will be trialed on medical workers worldwide


The polemical drug in on trial.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken to the intensive care unit after being admitted to a hospital for treatment for COVID-19. NBC News' Bill Neely reports that the prime minister will be placed on a ventilator if his condition worsens further.
Dr. Amesh Adalja joins to explain why antibody tests will be help so much in the fight against coronavirus, and why there are problems to Trump pushing hydroxychloroquine to treat all COVID-19 patients. Aired on 04/07/2020.
Mike Greenberg asserts that the Philadelphia Eagles will be the No. 1 seed in the NFC in the 2020 NFL season. Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth then react to Greeny's take and discuss whether Carson Wentz & Co. will have the best record in the conference.

President Trump announced he would authorize New York City's Javits Center to become a COVID-19 hospital, by request of Gov. Cuomo. The president said the facility would be federally staffed and will be able to accommodate under 3,000 patients. Aired on 4/2/2020.

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