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Associated Press 30 Mar 2020

Hundreds congregate for Sunday service


Hundreds arrive by bus and in personal vehicles for Sunday services at Louisiana church, defying governor's ban on large gatherings. (March 30)

With the Vatican in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Pope has been taking a Palm Sunday service.

The measures introduced to deal with the outbreak in Italy mean only a few people were able to attend the service in St Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Former Secret Service Agent and all around Boss lady, Evy Poumpouras, trained at the top academies preparing her to protect four sitting presidents, including being on the personal detail of President Obama. Now she is taking every thing she learned and sharing her knowledge of protection, perception and influence to help you into Becoming Bulletproof.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that police will crack down on large gatherings after hundreds crowded the streets of Brooklyn for a rabbi's funeral. CBSN NY has details.
During his daily coronavirus briefing, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his daughter, Mariah, announced the finalists for a public service announcement contest on why to wear masks in public.

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