Euronews 6 May 2020

How worried should we be about the 'murder hornet'?


Its sting is very painful and potentially deadly. The Asian giant hornet has been spotted for the first time in the United States, where it threatens local bees and the farmers that depend on them.…

The coronavirus is not the same as the one that came out of China at the beginning of the year. Like other viruses, it has mutated. A recent study suggests the globally predominant strain is more infectious than the original. What might gene mutations of the coronavirus mean? Could they make COVID-19 more deadly?
Space Flight Goes Commercial | Start Here
Billionaires have a way of shaking things up. Just look at Elon Musk and how his company, SpaceX, just became the first private enterprise to put people into orbit.
Musk wants to make space travel like air travel. On top of that SpaceX also wants to rocket people between cities. "Anywhere in under an hour" — that's their sales pitch.
Will Musk and SpaceX succeed? How long until we can board a rocket ourselves? And where's it all heading?
Restaurants around the world are figuring how to safely welcome back customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Many eateries will have staff wear masks and gloves, while others are getting creative with stuffed animals filling seats or glass houses surrounding diners.
After one person was confirmed to have contracted the bubonic plague, is there really cause for concern?

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