MSNBC 6 Mar 2020

How Will Warren Use Her Influence After Withdrawing From The 2020 Race? - Day That Was


Elizabeth Warren's departure from the presidential race isn't the end of her influence. Will she endorse Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden? Will any of her plans be integrated into the platform of the remaining candidates?. Aired on 3/6/2020.

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that he would withdraw from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden to become the presumptive nominee. But he says he'll continue his fight to make progressive policies part of the Democratic platform. Here's a look at how Sanders has influenced the race. Aired on 4/8/2020.
Louis Riddick, Booger McFarland and Mel Kiper Jr. join Mike Greenberg to talk about ESPN's analytics predictor suggesting that former Alabama Crimson Tide QB Tua Tagovailoa's most likely landing spot in the 2020 NFL Draft is the No. 3 overall pick. The Detroit Lions currently own that selection, but the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers have been suggested as teams that could move up.
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A quick guide to how the EU's structural and cohesion policy funds will be used to tackle the challenges posed by the coronavirus. …
Hundreds of thousands of people already die every year from preventable diseases in the developing world, where resources are scarce.

But how will they cope with a health challenge on a truly global scale?

The BBC's Secunder Kermani and Anne Soy compare how prepared some countries in Asia and Africa are.

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