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NBC Sports 30 Sep 2020

How will the NFL handle the first COVID-19 outbreak?


The NFL was bracing for its first COVID-19 outbreak on a team, and it finally arrived with the Titans following Week 3. Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at what's next for the league and Tennessee.

Mike Vrabel and the Titans are easing into an unusual return after getting hit with a COVID-19 outbreak and missing Week 4.
Jay Glazer discusses the NFL's investigation into the Tennessee Titans after a COVID-19 outbreak. Plus, hear what Jay has to say about New England Patriot QB Cam Newton contracting the virus, and the NFL's plan moving forward.
New York, once the epicenter of America's COVID-19 outbreak, is emerging out of its crisis and cautiously reopening for business.

With its infection rate steadily declining, New York's response has widely been hailed as a success story. But that success has come at a steep cost.
As more schools move to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fewer students in Mexico are enrolling in private schools.

Private schools across Mexico have reported a 30 percent drop off in enrollments ahead of the upcoming academic year.

That's across all age groups, which leaves private schools seeking ways to survive.

CGTN Alasdair Baverstock takes a look at the impact as part of our special series - the future of education during the pandemic.

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