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BBC News 4 Apr 2020

How Trump's attitude toward coronavirus has shifted


President Trump's attitude towards coronavirus has shifted. He has changed his views on social distancing, willingness to compare Covid-19 to the flu, and message around when the pandemic will end.

The race for the White House was supposed to be the most important story of 2020. But coronavirus has made traditional campaigning impossible for President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, complicating their efforts to raise money and reach voters.
Coronavirus has tanked auto sales in the United States. The virus struck the automotive industry after several years of record sales. It came just a decade after the industry essentially collapsed in the financial crisis. Now it is once again facing a potentially catastrophic threat, and this time it happens to be something the industry has never grappled with before.
Patrick Amershbach, commanding officer and captain, discussed how the mission to treat up to 1,000 non-COVID cases has changed to treating up to 500 patients with the coronavirus.

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Medical professionals share how the fight against coronavirus has changed since the first cases were discovered, and President Trump pays a visit to a factory in Arizona.

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