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How to quickly sterilize medical equipment for reuse


How to quickly sterilize medical equipment for reuse. NSF-funded researchers at The George Washington University, armed with a RAPID grant hopes to develop a plasma brush to held medical providers quickly and easily sterilize masks and other equipment for reuse.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady finally met with the media for the first time during training camp to talk about his level of concern with COVID-19 and how the team is getting ready for Week 1.
Psychologist Leah Lagos shares advice on how to deal with school-related anxiety.
Face masks are an important tool in fighting the coronavirus, but some say they come with an annoying side effect: acne. Jen Kotkin is a teacher in the Phoenix area and says wearing a mask for a short period of time has been causing some skin problems. She worries what it will do to her face if and when she has to go back to teaching in a classroom and wearing the mask all day. Dermatologists have some tips on how to keep your skin clear. Inside Edition Digital's Mara Montalbano has more.
With the in-person San Diego Comic-Con canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers decided to put the convention online, for free. Here is how you can participate this year.

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