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Inside Edition 20 Aug 2020

How to Have the Best Zoom Job Interview


If you're looking for a job, chances are you'll be doing interviews over video chat rather than in person. It all starts with your background. Career coach Eliot Kaplan says it's best not to have too much distraction going on behind you, so that attention stays directed on you. What's the right thing to wear for a Zoom interview? Kaplan advises on dressing almost as if you were going to the office to maintain a professional demeanor.

Sarah Chamberlain of the Republican Main Street Partnership joins Morning Joe to discuss the new silent majority of the GOP and how she thinks suburban housewives will vote in November. Chamberlain also discusses a new image from a Trump-backed QAnon candidate. Aired on 09/04/2020.
Wildfires are ravaging the US West Coast and Brazilian wetlands at unprecedented rates, fueled by rising temperatures that lead to droughts, sparking more intense fires. Climate change has arrived with a vengeance. Do we have the will to prevent the worst?
In conjunction with this week's gathering at the United Nations, climate activists and scientists are getting together to push politicians on the climate emergency. Scientists are clear on the impact of man-made global warming. And populations around the world are facing the effects.
The Covid-19 crisis continues to threaten the upcoming presidential election, with this year's primary season giving us only a taste of the potential chaos to come. But the impending election doesn't need to end up a complete voting disaster. Steve Forbes on the tactics and approach we should consider to avoid what could end up the greatest election disaster in U.S. history.

What's Ahead featuring Steve Forbes provides his insights and perspective, to stay on top of what's happening in this ever-turbulent world with glimpses into the future. What's Ahead airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
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Mark Jackson joins First Take to discuss the NBA Finals and shares what a fourth NBA title would mean for LeBron James' legacy.
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