Euronews 2 Sep 2020

How to have a conversation with a coronavirus conspiracy theorist


You may have family or friends who believe in unfounded coronavirus conspiracies.

So how can you engage in a conversation with them?

Navigating a tense election season is tough enough without dealing with strong opinions and family dynamics at the Thanksgiving table. Karith Foster, a motivational speaker, author, comedian and diversity engagement specialist, joins CBSN to discuss how to handle these conversations and keep your Turkey Day dinner civil.
This week on Unfiltered we sat down with Lasso CEO and Founder Partha Unnava to talk about how to build sustainable habits, what successful leaders and LeBron James have in common and how he stays motivated when things get tough.
Chris Hayes, Dr. Dara Kass, and Dr. Syra Madad discuss how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving amid the raging pandemic—and that may require rethinking your plans or starting your quarantine now. Aired on 11/11/2020.
Twelve-time Emmy Award-winner, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, and renowned interviewer Jim Gray examines his four-decade career in "Talking to GOATs," revealing never-before-told stories and memorable moments of the famous legends he has covered including Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and many more. L.A. Times' Executive Sports Editor Chris Stone will join Jim Gray for this closing Festival of Books conversation.

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