Forbes 12 May 2020

How To Fast-Track A COVID-19 Vaccine - Steve Forbes


Steve Forbes on why creating a $50 billion vaccine prize would speed up breakthrough science and incentivize a coronavirus cure, and why funding the challenge is a small price to pay, given the pandemic's immense human and economic costs.

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New York City has a long history of fighting back against disease. But it took a while for the city to learn how. Here is a look at how several 19th century disease outbreaks helped prepare NYC for diseases like the 1918 Spanish Flu and, eventually, COVID-19.
The federal government has launched a website and phone number where Canadians facing unemployment due to the COVID-19 crisis can apply for emergency income support benefits.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto General Hospital, says a small vaccine trial by a U.S. company has passed some preliminary hurdles, but notes "it's very, very early" on the path to finding a safe COVID-19 vaccine.

American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is fast-tracking its most promising COVID-19 vaccine and expects to have it out by January 2021 for emergency applications. But questions linger as to whether it would be made available to everyone.

CGTN's Karina Huber explains.

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