MSNBC 5 Mar 2020

How Super Tuesday Is Reshaping The Democratic Primary - Day That Was


The Democratic primary appears to be narrowing to a two-person race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Mike Bloomberg dropped out and is transferring his support to Biden, while Elizabeth Warren is said to be reassessing her run. What do these changes mean for the Democratic Party's strategy to regain the White House?. Aired on 03/04/20.

With electability in mind, and boosted by a primary win in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden outperformed expectations on Super Tuesday. Aired on 03/03/2020.
Elizabeth Warren's departure from the presidential race isn't the end of her influence. Will she endorse Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden? Will any of her plans be integrated into the platform of the remaining candidates?. Aired on 3/6/2020.
US Senator Bernie Sanders has scored a decisive victory in Nevada's Democratic Party presidential caucuses. It's the first contest in a demographically diverse state. And Sanders' giant lead strengthens his frontrunner status. The Democratic candidates are now looking ahead to the South Carolina primary next week, and then Super Tuesday on March 3rd. That's when 14 states will hold primaries, including key states like California and Texas.
The Fix's Amber Phillips previews the South Carolina primary, Super Tuesday and what to watch for as the 2020 Democratic presidential primary continues.

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