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CGTN America 17 Oct 2020

How often should you be washing your reusable face mask?


Many people choose to wear reusable, or fabric face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you know how to clean them properly after use?

Experts have been warning for years that it's not a matter of if, but when, hackers will kill somebody.

German police are conducting the first ever homicide investigation in which hackers could be to blame.

It comes as the head of the EU's cyber-security agency tells the BBC that countries should consider making company bosses liable for deaths caused through cyber-attacks which could have been prevented.

So where are people most at risk, and how worried should we be about deadly cyber-attacks?

Reporter: Joe Tidy

Director/ Producer: Natalia Zuo

Executive producer: Claire Williams
Sky's Ed Conway looks at the global cases and the reality of the coronavirus virus shown in the latest data.

Cases of COVID-19 are rising at the fastest rate since May in England so how much should we be concerned?
Relatives of the victims killed by Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand's worst mass shooting have pleaded with the judge to make sure he is never freed.

The anger and grief in the courtroom was palpable as family members called the terrorist a "maggot", "a big fat loser" and a "pathetic human being".

"Your father was a garbageman and you became trash of society," Ahad Nabi, the son of one of the victims, said. "He is ashamed of your identity. You deserve to be buried in a landfill."
Many women's political movement experts have seen growing demand for promoting gender parity in politics in the U.S. after Kamala Harris's selection as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. See how they teach young women and girls about politics.

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