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The Guardian 5 Dec 2019

How my near-death experience changed my life


After David Ditchfield was dragged under a moving train, the way he looked at death changed. Before his accident he didn't consider the afterlife, but now Ditchfield says he knows there is nothing to fear after we die. He tells Leah what he saw the day he almost died

France is easing coronavirus restrictions. For many it's the end of isolation. The country was hard hit by the pandemic and the lockdown there was particularly strict. Now the French are getting their freedom back.
As the Covid-19 crisis continues, confinement and worry are taking a huge toll on children, young people and their parents. From across the country, families reveal the experience of everyday life in coronavirus confinement, and the issues it highlights - from autism to bad housing
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison speaks out on losing his mother to the coronavirus pandemic, telling Joy Reid, 'I can say, and my brothers can say, and my son can say, that we know from firsthand experience how absolutely serious coronavirus is.'
The topic of 'immunity passports' has been under debate as governments around the world relentlessly battle the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have questioned what 'immunity passports' are and how could they be implemented into everyday life. Here's One America's Daniel Kitchen with more.

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