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Inside Edition 18 Mar 2020

How Long the Coronavirus Crisis Could Last


The public continues to have questions about the coronavirus crisis and the effects it will have on their behavior and future. How long will the crisis last? What are the rules of social distancing? What do we do if we suspect we're sick? Are people overreacting or not reacting enough? We spoke to Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel to get some answers to your questions, as well as some clarification on the information already circulating.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong examines how long the coronavirus pandemic could last, and how the actions we take — from washing our hands to social distancing — will help "flatten the curve." The Science Behind the Coronavirus is a special series from the Los Angeles Times. Soon-Shiong is the owner of the Los Angeles Times and a surgeon and scientist who has spent his career studying the human immune system to fight cancer and infectious diseases.
Editor's note: With the coronavirus casting a shadow over China, people are much concerned about the development of the coronavirus crisis. What kind of attitude should we hold in the fight against this crisis? John Ross, a senior fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, British scholar, and former Director of Economic and Business Policy of London shares his views over this issue. The opinions expressed in the video are his and do not necessarily represent the views of CGTN.
SMEs in Europe represent 2/3 of jobs and they are particularly impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.…
Film and TV composer Matt Hutchinson describes how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting his workflow, and the impact of ongoing production delays. (March 25)

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