ESPN 24 Aug 2020

How Kobe Bryant changed the momentum of Keyshawn Johnson's life


2010 NBA Champion Metta World Peace and PTI's co-host Michael Wilbon join Zubin Mehenti, Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, a day after what would have been his 42nd birthday, Aug. 23, 2020. Keyshawn Johnson shares a story about how a conversation with Kobe Bryant changed his life forever.


SportsCenter looks back at the ways the Los Angeles Lakers honored and paid tribute to Kobe Bryant throughout their run to winning the 2020 NBA Finals, including LeBron James' dunk on February 6 that was nearly identical to one of Bryant's and Anthony Davis yelling "Kobe!" after hitting a buzzer-beating game winner in the Western Conference finals. After winning the championship, Davis, Markieff Morris and Rob Pelinka speak about what winning it all means to honor Kobe and Gianna's legacy.

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Dr. Thomas Epps and his team at the University of Delaware, with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation, are studying the lifecycle of design, sources, uses, and repurposing of plastic materials to minimize impact on the environment.

Plastics, also called polymers, have enabled revolutionary changes to society, from enhancing safe medical care, to food storage, to everyday conveniences from your toothbrush to your TV. But the properties that make plastic advantageous, namely that it is cheap and sturdy, also pose challenges for how to dispose or repurpose plastics to keep them from entering the environment.
Throughout 2020 few things have separated Democrats and Republicans more than their approaches to campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic.

That was never clearer than on Saturday when Donald Trump held a rally on the White House lawn to mark his return to campaigning after testing positive for the virus.

How has the pandemic changed the business of running for office?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Adolfo Franco, Republican Strategist
James Warren, Executive Editor, NewsGuard
Kesha Ram, Democratic candidate for the Vermont Senate
Candace Parker joins Jeff Dye and Russell Wilson on DangerTalk to share how Kobe Bryant's mamba mentality helps her teach her daughter the limitless results of hard work. Parker also explains where LeBron James ranks among the greatest NBA players of all time, that she's unsure if he is better than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant and if that changes if he wins the 2020 NBA Finals.


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