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The Guardian 20 Mar 2020

'How do we survive coronavirus?' Owen Jones meets low-paid workers


The Covid-19 crisis is expected to hit the lowest-paid and precarious workers the hardest -  those who can't work from home and those who might not be entitled to sick pay. In a rapidly changing situation Owen Jones spoke to an Uber driver, a cleaner at the Ministry of Justice and a Stuart courier picking up Ocado zoom orders on the frontlines facing uncertain weeks ahead 

How do barnacles survive environmental changes? Long-term work by a Brown University research team, with funding from the National Science Foundation, has confirmed that a central metabolic protein Mpi and the gene encoding the protein is what helps the barnacle survive extreme environmental changes. Different versions of the Mpi enzyme are present at different levels, depending on where the barnacles have settled in the rocky shoreline. One form performs well under high stress, like on a hot day at low tide; the other form does better under low stress. This allows barnacles to survive and prosper in fluctuating extremes and has prepared them for success in an ever-changing environment.
Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, explains what the state of New York is looking at before they reopen the economy saying, "Everybody wants to reopen, the question is how do we reopen." Aired on 5/6/2020.
For some, lockdown has felt like an eternity, but a lot of key workers have continued to go to work through unprecedented circumstances. Owen Jones asked four workers, a postal worker, a care home worker, a cycle courier and a security guard, to give us an insight into their working life during the pandemic and ask if enough has been done to keep them safe from Covid-19 
Much like our daily routines, religious and cultural rituals have been derailed by the coronavirus pandemic.
A global ban on gatherings has meant that holidays like Passover, Easter and Vaisakhi are being celebrated in isolation. The same is happening for Muslims observing Ramadan and Eid.
Even those who aren't religious are having to adapt - birthdays, weddings, even the way we mourn the dead.
Start Here explains how centuries of religious and cultural practices have changed.
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