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Al Jazeera 26 Mar 2020

How do we limit the coronavirus outbreak?


The coronavirus pandemic is testing the world. And health experts want everyone to help limit its spread. Self-isolation and social distancing are advised but what else do you need to know to protect as many people as possible?
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., criticized President Trump for setting a "bad example" for not wearing a mask amid the coronavirus outbreak. "I'm in a mood" she said, calling the pandemic "a matter of life and death."
President Trump has undermined or contradicted guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at least a half dozen times since the coronavirus outbreak began.
A global pandemic means the sex workers of the world are facing difficulties. Potential epidemiological superspreaders, that's what some German politicians called sex workers during the coronavirus outbreak. A label that's caused some pushback. But protecting both their health and income is a hard balance to strike. Like few other professions, their health and livelihood are on the line and the varying degrees of legality in within which they operate provide another layer of vulnerability. Many in the sex work community are struggling to survive.
Now brothels and other establishments are re-opening in a lot of countries, we look at how the pandemic has been impacting a business that is the very opposite of social distancing.
Here's what we know about hot weather and the coronavirus

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