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Inside Edition 27 Jan 2020

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Wuhan, China


The Chinese city at the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan, has become deserted in the wake of the epidemic's spread. Video footage captured by an American teacher shows that the once populous city of 11 million has turned into a ghost town. Meanwhile, Americans are on high alert as they try to protect themselves from contracting the virus. Those at American airports can be seen wearing face masks.

Coronavirus isn't just a threat to public health; it could also significantly affect the global economy. Some companies including Apple are already feeling the impact. NBC News' Stephanie Ruhle reports on how the virus could impact five million companies worldwide.
Marc Morial of the National Urban League joins Morning Joe to discuss how the coronavirus is complicating the 2020 Census. Aired on 3/17/2020.
The red carpet was once a place for stars to greet each other with a kiss or thrill fans with a high five. But now coronavirus fears may be changing the way we say hello, and not just for celebrities. How are you supposed to say hello to a friend or business associate without putting yourself at risk? There are a number of options, including touching elbows, bowing, and air kisses - just keep your distance and make sure to wash your hands frequently.
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the United States, history can offer some lessons about how the federal government can respond. We explore the protocol from the federal government when it comes to containing an outbreak.

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