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Inside Edition 21 May 2019

How Cops Might Have Missed Finding Kidnapped 8-Year-Old


Did Texas cops miss an opportunity to rescue a kidnapped child sooner? After Salem Sabatka, 8, was snatched while walking with her mom in their neighborhood Saturday evening, she was taken to a local hotel. Though she was rescued early Sunday and returned home safely, police had visited that very hotel and inspected her alleged kidnapper's room hours earlier. A desk clerk at the hotel had called local police to say a girl matching Salem's description was with a man in a third-floor room.


A 5-year-old Alaska girl has taken to the internet to help others keep safe during the coronavirus outbreak, going viral with short videos instructing fellow children on how to social distance.
Video from an angry confrontation between police officers and a Wisconsin mom over her daughter's playdate is causing waves as many rush to the mother's defense. The mom, who asked only to be referred to as "Amy," said that deputies came to her door without masks and warned her not to let her 7-year-old daughter play at other people's houses. Her supporters say the cops are on a power trip, while the police say that this is the fifth contact they've had with this woman in recent weeks.
As heartbreaking images of a mass grave on New York City's Hart Island garner national attention, some wonder why California, the West Coast epicenter of the pandemic, isn't being hit harder. Stanford University researchers believe the COVID-19 virus came to California last fall and was misidentified as a bad outbreak of the flu. Now, it's possible millions of Californians were exposed to the virus and have developed herd immunity. Plus, Dr. Oz gives tips on how to properly wear a mask.
On the 50th annual #Earth Day, we look at how lockdown measures all around the globe have positively impacted the environment.

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