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The Guardian 22 Jan 2020

How 'climate apartheid' divides Delhi: 'I had no idea hot summers could kill'


As the Earth continues to break new heat records, the UN is warning of a 'climate apartheid' between those who can afford to keep themselves cool and  those who must live, work, suffer - and sometimes die - in the heat. In Delhi, where a heatwave of 48˚C recently killed 100 people, some workers have already paid the ultimate price

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Trump's suggestion that disinfectants could be explored as a coronavirus treatment, saying that the comments were "consistent with all of his other statements, which had no relationship to science, fact, evidence, data or appropriate way to proceed." She also discusses the latest in congressional negotiations over state and local aid, funding for the post office, and vote by mail. Aired on 4/24/2020.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that he has spoken to Dominic Cummings about his lockdown breach and believes the senior adviser had no alternative to breaking lockdown.

The PM described the decision made by Mr Cummings as 'the instincts of every father' and 'responsible and legal'.
National Care Association's Nadra Ahmed says despite the number of promises made - such as a £1.6 billion grant - a lot of social care providers "have no idea where that is" and are earning an average of less than £4 an hour.

Rising sea levels, devastating disasters, fires burning at record rates, and threats of food shortage -- as 2019 marks the end of the hottest decade on record, CNN recaps some of the catastrophic effects of climate change this year across the globe


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