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How Apple, Amazon and Microsoft Hit $1 Trillion Valuation


Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are the first three publicly traded U.S. companies to hit $1 trillion in market value. WSJ's Dan Gallagher explains how each company reached the milestone. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann

"I, being bilingual and bi-cultural, am as American as apple pie and rice and beans."

Dr. Miguel Cardona, President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for Secretary of Education, shared his life story and pedagogy.
Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard discuss the record profits being reported by Amazon and Walmart and react to analysis that found "through the end of 2020, the total additional COVID-19 compensation Amazon and Walmart will have provided their frontline workers represents only a small fraction of the companies' extraordinary earnings."
In a world that seems to keep going in and out of lockdown, and where faces are increasingly covered up with masks, how are babies and young children adapting? Euronews asked an expert in child development at Oxford University's BabyLab.
ABC's Deirdre Bolton explains why this week's earnings is "a report card for corporate America", plus, how the latest U.S. COVID-19 numbers and vaccine rollout will impact the economy moving forward.

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