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CBS News 28 Feb 2020

House lawmakers to get briefing on coronavirus


New measures are in place in California this morning after the first apparent U.S. case with unknown origin. The female patient is battling the virus despite no recent foreign travel or known contact with another infected person. CBS News correspondent Carter Evans joined CBSN AM from UC Davis Medical Center, where she's being treated.

President Trump holds a briefing at the White House to discuss the government response to the spread of coronavirus on Feb. 29.
President Donald Trump gave a press briefing on COVID-19, naming Vice President Mike Pence the head of his administration's response to the potential pandemic. Asked about the likelihood of a U.S. outbreak, Trump said, "I don't think it's inevitable" - which directly contradicts officials from the Centers for Disease Control who say the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. is a matter of when, not if. Trump also defended proposed budget cuts to the CDC by saying that he's a "businessperson, I don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them." Aired on 02/26/20.
GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel joins "Varney & Co." to discuss the ongoing reactions to coronavirus from the White House and congressional Democrats.
D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser holds a briefing on the coronavirus response.

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