ABC News
ABC News 17 Nov 2020

Hospitals across the country are reaching capacity treating COVID-19


More than 73,000 people have been hospitalized with the virus, and health care professionals are on the brink as hospitals continue to fill with patients.

Voters from around the country weigh in on Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis. Some said the president "was not paying attention to the rules," while others said, "It was not his fault."
Across the country thousands of people wait in long lines at food pantries and other donation sites as demand has grown due to unemployment and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. NBC News' Sam Brock reports.
Public health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the Thanksgiving holiday may have made matters worse as hospital resources and health care staff face an overwhelming number of patients.
Frontline health care workers have been fighting the coronavirus for over six months, treating and even contracting the virus themselves. Medical staff from across the country described what treating patients with Covid-19 has been like.

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