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One America News Network 23 Mar 2020

Hospital workers, medical professionals ask Americans to stand in solidarity


Healthcare officials have asked Americans to take a moment of appreciation for hospital workers fighting against COVID-19. One America's Emily Finn explains how Americans are expressing gratitude to medical professionals during this outbreak.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday made a plea for trained medical professionals, including retired health care workers and nursing students who are nearing graduation, to aid the state's hospitals amid the coronavirus outbreak. (March 30)
US doctors, nurses and other hospital workers say they simply do not have enough medical equipment and supplies to treat everyone who gets sick.
They are warning if things do not change, they will end up in a similar situation to Italy.
Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports from New York.
Spain is among the countries worst hit by the coronavirus crisis, but the number of patients recovering from COVID-19 far outnumbers the casualties. Among them are thousands of hospital workers now returning to the frontline to fight the pandemic.…
A lot of people are surviving cancer because new treatments are so effective. But there's one thing that stands in the way for many people, and that's having the money to pay for the drugs to fight their cancer. This includes people in the U.S. VOA's Carol Pearson reports that at least one hospital is working to make cancer treatment more affordable.

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