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CGTN America 20 Feb 2020

Hospital staff in Wuhan use sign language to care for COVID-19 patient


Medical professionals at Huoshenshan Hospital in central China's Wuhan have enlisted the help of a sign language expert to communicate with a 75-year-old COVID-19 patient with hearing impairment. The woman was in serious condition when she was admitted after being diagnosed with the new coronavirus and medical staff could not properly communicate with her. They eventually found a sign language teacher online whom they contact via video chat whenever they check in on their patient. The woman has reportedly gotten better after treatment.

Officials in the South African city of Cape Town are bracing for COVID-19 infections to peak there at the end of June or beginning of July. The city has been especially hard hit by the coronavirus, with more than half of the country's 83,000 confirmed cases located in the Western Cape region. DW's South Africa correspondent Adrian Kriesch reports from Cape Town.
Tallullah McLellan formed an unlikely friendship during the coronavirus lockdown with her local delivery driver, Tim Joseph, who is deaf. In a now viral video, McLellan surprised her new friend by using sign language skills she'd learned at school to communicate with him.
Surging coronavirus infections are showing cracks in India's healthcare system.
It's also heightened anxiety for the city's residents, especially with 1,000 new cases being reported each day.
Mortuary and crematoriums say they can't keep up with the backlog of victims.
Some claim that hospitals ask for exorbitant fees for COVID-19 patients.
Reports say some are charging more than $5,000 per bed for coronavirus victims.
Others are now questioning the government's decision to ease the lockdown.
Dr. Quentin Lee, a principal in Childersburg, Alabama, put a funny spin on the very serious measures his school is taking to protect students and staff against COVID-19.

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