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CBS News 6 Feb 2020

Hong Kong to quarantine visitors from mainland China amid coronavirus outbreak


Hong Kong will impose a quarantine on all visitors from mainland China amid the coronavirus outbreak. CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio joined CBSN AM from Hong Kong to talk about the latest.

The island of Santorini is a beloved destination for many Chinese tourists. But since the new COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in China, scores are simply not showing up.…
"It will all be OK."

"Share, help and love."

"Clean hands, open minds, warm heart."

This Ontario girl only needed chalk and a sidewalk to spread messages of happiness and positivity to her community.
Russia has taken a drastic step over the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.…
Hong Kong has lifted a quarantine on the World Dream cruise ship after clearing all crew members of the new virus.…

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