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Associated Press 13 Aug 2019

Hong Kong police, protesters clash at airport


Hong Kong police were forced out of airport Tuesday as angry protesters threw signs and water bottles at them. A police spokeswoman told the crowd that they were trying to help an injured person. (Aug. 13)

Police and protesters clashed at Hong Kong's International Airport late Tuesday, August 13, after flights were disrupted for a second day and the political crisis in the former British colony deepened.
In a second day of unrest at the airport, thousands of black-clad protesters jammed the terminal, chanting, singing and waving banners.
Several police vehicles were blocked by protesters and riot police moved in, pushing some protesters back and using pepper spray. A policeman pulled out a gun at one point. (Reuters)
Hong Kong police clashed with protesters outside Kwai Chung police station on Tuesday, July 30 where dozens of protesters are being held.
Protesters gathered outside the police station after authorities announced on Tuesday that 44 arrested protesters will appear in court on Wednesday, July 31.
One police officer was seen brandishing a gun at the protesters.
Hong Kong police have used tear gas as new clashes with protesters broke out across the city. Police say protesters ignored warnings to leave and hurled bricks at officers before they responded by firing the gas. In the tenth weekend of increasingly violent protests in the territory, protesters marched in several parts of the city in defiance of a police ban. Calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from China, the protest movement is increasingly staging so-called "hit and run" demonstrations to avoid a police crackdown. The demonstrations began in opposition to a law that would have permitted extradition to mainland China and expanded into calls for more democracy and greater autonomy from China.
The Hong Kong police on Saturday, July 13, appealed to protesters to refrain from violence and leave the area after scuffles in the town of Sheung Shui, where thousands of demonstrators had converged earlier in the day to protest against mainland Chinese traders.
The protest in Sheung Shui, not far from the Chinese city of Shenzhen on the border with Hong Kong, started peacefully but devolved into skirmishes, with demonstrators throwing umbrellas and hard hats at police who retaliated by swinging batons and firing pepper spray.

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