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Inside Edition 14 Jan 2020

Homeowner Chases Woman She Says Took Off With Her Package


Porch pirates beware of grabbing a package from this front door, because there's a good chance the homeowner will be on your tail, even if she's in her pajamas. Surveillance cameras captured a scene that started when a Jeep pulled up to the house in Oklahoma City. A woman who gets out of the vehicle looks like she's making a delivery. As she walks up to the front door, she helps herself to a package delivered a few minutes before. She was not expecting the homeowner to chase her down.

It was a dramatic race against the clock to rescue an unconscious woman trapped behind the wheel of her sinking car. The driver suffered a seizure and her car veered right into a canal in Boca Raton, Florida. Shawn Turner was driving by with his son and sprang into action. He hoisted himself inside the car as two more good Samaritans jumped in to help. That's when the car started sinking fast.
Former U.S. attorney Jessie Liu has resigned from her position at the Treasury Department after President Trump withdrew her nomination as a top official. Aired on 2/13/2020.
Two New York City police officers were shot within hours of one another in what Mayor Bill de Blasio says was "an attempt to assassinate police officers".
Voters in the town of Dixville Notch will kick off the New Hampshire primary with its midnight voting tradition. CBS News 2020 campaign reporter Nicole Sganga joins CBSN's "Red & Blue" with the town's track record.

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