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The Guardian 25 Nov 2019

Homeless people: the voters without a voice


In the third part of their election series, John Harris and John Domokos go to Southend-on-sea, and find a coastal town with a homelessness crisis. A local charity is making sure that homeless people register to vote, while huge issues scream out for attention: benefit sanctions, abusive landlords, the gap between wages and rents, and the dire lack of mental health services

Many cities around the world are dealing with homelessness in the era of COVID-19 in different ways. Here are some striking examples.
For homeless people, the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented threat. Maxime is one of the volunteers who shows that community has never been so important.
You can see Broadway shows, stand-up comedy and museums without even stepping foot outside. Here are a bunch of places and events you can experience online.
Farm workers are among the essential workers who continue their work to keep the food business flowing despite strict lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking great risks... exposing both themselves and their families. And yet, many do not even benefit from some of the most basic labor rights. Our correspondent Ediz Tiyansan reports from Oxnard in Southern California.

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