Voice of America

Voice of America 15 May 2020

HOLD For SUN 6A -- What Will The Post-COVID New Normal Look Like in the US?


Masks and social distancing are here to stay, say experts

Imam Wahy-ud Deen Shareef, from the council of Imams in New Jersey, discusses how he's encouraging people to celebrate and worship when they can't be together due to the pandemic.

Online event brings together people from two faiths which are sometimes antagonistic towards each other #iftar
Liam McHugh, Brian Boucher and Keith Jones discuss the NHL's current return could look like without fans and share their thoughts on a 24-team playoff format.
Jeff Passan joins Mike Greenberg to talk about the potential for Major League Baseball to play in 2020, with increased optimism growing around the potential for playing in "hub cities." Passan then reveals his plans for a 60-day tournament, if MLB only had two months to determine a champion.
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