Voice of America

Voice of America 15 May 2020

HOLD for SUN 6A -- Muslims, Jews Come Together Online for Iftar


Online event brings together people from two faiths which are sometimes antagonistic towards each other #iftar

Masks and social distancing are here to stay, say experts
Hundreds arrive by bus and in personal vehicles for Sunday services at Louisiana church, defying governor's ban on large gatherings. (March 30)
High schoolers undefeated by the coronavirus lockdowns are heading online for isolation proms. They're dressing up in party gear already purchased, or sticking to street clothes on Zoom as they dance in their bedrooms. The idea is to salvage at least one slice of fun and tradition for the Class of 2020. (April 26)
Nearly all graduation ceremonies have had to be postponed or cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But people in Gander, N.L., still found a way to celebrate their graduates. The community came together to decorate the homes of graduates, create celebratory videos and organize special gifts for each student.


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