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Inside Edition 13 Aug 2020

Hiker Survives 29 Hours on Only Water


An Arizona man was hiking along Indian Maiden Falls Trail in Arizona when he fell 70 feet into a canyon. With broken bones and a fractured skull, Jacob Velarde was unable to get help. He crawled around in pain, only surviving on water for 29 hours. Luckily, a family hiking on the same trail heard his cries for help. "I heard somebody kind of faintly yelling, 'I fell off a cliff,'" Eric Glomski told Inside Edition. Glomski ran for miles to get a cell signal to call for help.

In a reversal from the original Philadelphia schools reopening plan, the school district is proposing that students continue virtual learning at least through November amid the coronavirus pandemic. CBS Philadelphia's Natasha Brown reports.
Tech CEOs Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar Pichai of Google and Tim Cook of Apple testify during a July 29 hearing on antitrust law before the House Judiciary Committee.
A rocket carrying NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover took off from Cape Canaveral on July 30. Its mission: to find signs of life on another planet. It'll take seven months to get to Mars. The Rover will be drilling for samples in an area called Jezero Crater. It's known to have once had water. And where there's water, there may be— or may have been— life, possibly billions of years ago. Finding extraterrestrial life, said NASA scientist Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, "it's really the holy grail."
Gov. Jay Inslee says schools in the majority of Washington's counties should strongly consider online-only learning for students this fall due to COVID-19 and canceling or postponing sports and all other in-person extracurricular activities. (August 5)

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