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One America News Network 21 May 2020

Herring Networks CEO: Hydroxychloroquine has proven to be miraculous


For the past two months, OAN has been reporting on doctors who have prescribed hydroxychloroquine and patients who have said they survived coronavirus by taking the anti-malarial drug. One America's Patrick Hussion sat down with Herring Networks CEO and OAN founder Robert Herring to discuss the matter.

'The Five' breaks down Trump's comments surround the 'unmasking' of top officials in Flynn case. #FoxNews #TheFive
Donald Trump has said that a number of states have announced "concrete steps to begin a safe, gradual and phased opening".

It comes after the US president gave guidelines to governors on reopening state economies.

Speaking at the White House on Saturday, he said Texas and Vermont would allow certain businesses to open on Monday with "appropriate social distancing precautions".

However, some state governors have warned against the lifting of restrictions until more testing is available.
Larry Kudlow: "We've been looking at various best ways and best practices ways to open up the economy for economic activity. As the president has said, we don't want the cure to be worse than the problem."
While many countries around the world are under lockdown, China is gradually getting back to normalcy.
Al Jazeera cameraman Peng Peng was among millions of Chinese trapped in Hubei province, where the virus first broke out.
He was visiting relatives for the Chinese New Year holiday. Peng has finally been able to leave the province and return to Beijing, where he has found himself back in quarantine.

Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Beijing.

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