MSNBC 26 Mar 2020

Here's What We Know About The Latest Coronavirus Aid Bill - Day That Was


The $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed unanimously by the Senate late Wednesday aims to provide economic relief to workers, small businesses and corporations. But legislators have had pitched disagreements over how much money should go to each group. Here's what we know about the bill. Aired on 3/25/2020.

ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton weighs in on the public health emergency and what we know and don't know about the virus.
President Trump signed a $100 billion bill aimed at mitigating the economic fallout of coronavirus. It guarantees paid sick leave and free coronavirus testing, and adds funding for Medicaid, unemployment benefits and food aid. It comes amid fears of widespread economic devastation caused by COVID-19. Aired on 3/18/2020.
Questions are building about the White House response to coronavirus. A whistleblower report said federal workers weren't given training or protective gear when dealing with quarantined Americans evacuated from areas where the virus was present. Government health officials and scientists have reportedly been directed to clear all statements and appearances with VP Pence's office. And when faced with a stock market plunging amid worries about the outbreak's impact, President Trump accused Democrats and the media of scaremongering, and downplayed the risk of an outbreak. Aired on 02/27/20.
As of late February, people have tested positive for the coronavirus in more than 40 countries on 6 continents. Officials are taking "unprecedented" actions to contain the unpredictable spread of the infectious disease.

Coronaviruses range from the common cold to much more serious diseases that can infect both humans and animals, including severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, and Middle East respiratory syndrome, also known as MERS. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced Feb. 5 a commitment of $100 million toward the global response to the coronavirus epidemic. In the United States, a Washington state man was diagnosed with the virus several days after his return Jan. 15 from the region around Wuhan. U.S. officials announced Jan. 31 they were denying entry to foreign nationals who recently visited China.

Japan's Hokkaido island — where Olympic marathons are due to take place this summer — declared a state of emergency. Coronavirus panic has also sent world share markets crashing late February.

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