Forbes 14 Jan 2020

Here's How The Florist Behind New York's Flower Flash Built His Business


Growing up, Lewis Miller loved the way flowers brought a room to life. After working at a private golf course pulling weeds, Miller pursued his love of floristry first locally, then by moving to New York City to start his own company, Lewis Miller Design. In this installment of Forbes' Here's How, Miller describes his journey as an entrepreneur, and how he created the iconic Flower Flash.

Michael Schur, the man behind "The Good Place" and "Parks and Recreation," is growing out his beard to imitate the character Mose, who he played on the television show "The Office," after promising his Twitter followers that he would to raise money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.
More than three months into the coronavirus pandemic, health-care workers on the front-lines of the battle against Covid-19 say they still face shortages of personal protective equipment. The personal protective shortage was one of the early flashpoint of the coronavirus pandemic. Masks, ventilators, face-shields. It seemed nearly every kind of personal protective equipment was hard to find when Covid-19 first ripped through epicenters like New York City. Here's how the medical device supply chain works—and how it failed when it was needed most.
The coronavirus is taking a massive toll on the U.S. economy, with 44 million retail employees furloughed and many restaurant owners wondering how they'll survive. NBC News' Stephanie Ruhle reports how small business owners and Americans with loan payments can get some relief.
The coronavirus pandemic has hit every aspect of life across America, including how the lawmakers in the U.S. Congress conduct business. But the U.S. has been more reluctant to go into remote and video conferencing for lawmakers - but why? CGTN spoke with reporter Michael McAuliff, who has written for HuffPost and New York Daily News and covers Capitol Hill, about how lawmakers do business  during the outbreak and what is behind the reluctance in accepting remote technology.

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