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CGTN America 10 Feb 2020

Here's how people in Wuhan are handling the coronavirus lock down


The city of Wuhan has been in lockdown for more then a month after the outbreak of the devastating coronavirus. Here's how people are handling the virus and the impact it had on health workers and their families.

Although gyms and exercise venues have closed to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, that doesn't mean you can't work out. Here's how you can stay fit during the pandemic.
As water scarcity becomes a growing concern around the world, community leaders and scientist in Colombia are leading the way in preserving water resources.
Correspondent Michelle Begue met with some champions of nature trying to protect the water in Colombia. 
Doctors and nurses in Iran are lifting the morale of COVID-19 patients through the medium of dance.

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Following the temporary closures of gyms, people across the world have gotten creative with their workout routines amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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