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NBC News 4 Apr 2020

Help Slow The Spread Of The Coronavirus


Together we can help stop the spread of coronavirus. By staying home, you can help save lives. Learn how to protect yourself and others at coronavirus.gov

Canadian provinces are releasing projections for their best- and worst-case scenarios for the spread of COVID-19. The models vary widely from province to province, but doctors say that makes sense as different factors are at play in each part of the country.

Dr. Tom Ingelsby of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine discusses how the public can continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Aired on 5/4/2020
As the warm weather is creating more opportunities to head outdoors, many Americans are hoping it could also slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. CBS news meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN to discuss the potential impact, as well as how the pandemic could complicate this year's hurricane season.
The city of Los Angeles has opened a mobile COVID-19 testing center in skid row with the goal of understanding how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting those experiencing homelessness. Michael Arnold, president and CEO of Midnight Mission, shares his perspective on the city's efforts to support homeless people during the outbreak.

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