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Newsmax TV 2 Oct 2020

He'll beat COVID, and Biden too


He will beat COVID (and Biden too!): Greg Kelly reviews all the facts known so far about the president's health status, and just how 'wild' of a situation it is just weeks away from Election Day.

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Two months ago, mom Esbedy Reyes was diagnosed with COVID-19 while 26 weeks pregnant and has since beat COVID-19, delivering a baby girl.
In place of the cancelled second presidential debate, US President Donald Trump and his rival former vice-president Joe Biden took part in separate televised events.

The men answered voters' questions on everything from Covid to QAnon, taxes, and policing.
In the new NBC News / Marist poll Trump and Biden are tied at 48% in battleground Florida. Aired on 09/08/2020.
In dueling events Thursday night, Trump spoke to voters in Wisconsin and Biden answered questions at a drive-in town hall in Pennsylvania. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.

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