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Al Jazeera 20 Jan 2020

Heavy rains lash Australia, flooding fire-ravaged areas


More thunderstorms are forecast on Monday across Australia, where the heaviest rain in months has already flooded areas that were burning just days ago.
Torrential rain, storms and hailstones hit Melbourne, while the heavy downpours also lashed parts of New South Wales and Queensland.
But huge dust storms engulfed the towns of Dubbo and Parkes in central New South Wales.
Meanwhile, tourists are mostly staying away.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

Cell phone footage of houses being swept away by a mudslide in Sao Paulo, Brazil was captured by a nearby resident, Monday, February 10.

Firefighters rescued a girl trapped in one of the two destroyed homes later.

Torrential rains and flooding have ravaged Brazil's largest city over the weekend and local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo. (AP)
Severe flooding after heavy rains drowned much of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday, February 10.

Various neighborhoods and cities in the Sao Paulo area were stranded atop their cars and homes as firefighters scrambled to airlift them to safety.

Local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo through Monday. (REUTERS)
Parts of eastern Australia are under water after a massive rainstorm caused flooding. Fire officials say the deluge has helped tamp out wildfires in the region. Charlotte Goodlet of Australia's Network 10 reports from Sydney.
The heavy rains are causing serious flooding and damage of their own.

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